How To: Demo Ride

At Harley-Davidson of Baltimore, you can demo ride any bike, on any day, and for any reason. There’s no cost to demo riding with us either – it’s totally free. There’s no responsibility to buy either. Of course our goal is to sell motorcycles, but we understand that process is different for different people. Some people buy at first-glance, and some  people need more time to process the decision. Either way, demo riding is a major part of the experience. Here’s how to do it:

1)     Plan to come by our location at 8845 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore MD 21237.

2)    Bring your motorcycle license, shoes, and pants. Though we suggest bringing full riding gear, we don’t require it. We have 1/2 and 3/4s helmets to loan out, but if you own your own DOT approved helmet then please bring it. We also keep loaner jackets for added safety if you’d like to borrow one. If you don’t own any riding gear and would like to purchase some, you can always stop by our Clothing Department.

3)     Browse our motorcycle selection in person, or online, and decide what you’d like to ride. If you’d like to ride more than one bike, that’s perfectly OK. Just let us know which bikes you’d like to compare and we’ll make it happen!

4)    Speak with a sales associate about taking one of our bikes out on a ride. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about the bike or the roads around here. If you’d like someone to follow you, we’re happy to coordinate that as well, just ask. The sales associate will take a quick copy of your license and then you’re free to go!

It’s that easy. And where things go from there is totally up to you…


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