How To: Get Your Motorcycle License

There are two distinct routes to obtaining your motorcycle license in Maryland…

1) Through the MVA. Basically you take two distinct tests: the written and physical. They’re administered at two different times that need to be coordinated. The written test can generally be taken at your choosing, however the physical test requires advanced scheduling. There is a Motorcycle Safety Course offered, but it’s not required unless you’re under 18. For more information, click here:

2) Through Harley-Davidson of Baltimore. Our Motorcycle Riding Academy is designed in conjunction with the MVA, and with a strong emphasis on education rather than simply testing. We offer a fully-encompassed experience of the motorcycle community with small class sizes. You’ll have both online and classroom instruction, plus hands-on experience with a provided Harley-Davidson Street 500. Our team of  veteran riding instructors cover everything you need to know – from how to operate a clutch to choosing what kind of helmet is best for you. At the end of your course, you’ll take the same written and physical tests as required by the state. If you pass, you’ll receive a certificate that’s valid to redeem at your local MVA for the coveted “M” Motorcycle Class endorsement on your license! To find out more, or to register for a class of your own, please visit our Learn-To-Ride page:–learn-to-ride

…. At it’s root, this decision comes down to government run vs. privately operated. While both opportunities lead to obtaining a motorcycle license, we’re very confident that you’ll appreciate our unique learning experience.



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