More Than Just An Oil Change

– by: Bernie, Service Writer

A service is more than just an oil change. A service is an opportunity for a customer to get acquainted with the service department and their personnel. It’s a scheduled time to meet one on one with a service consultant and discuss any concerns they may have. It’s the beginning of the bikes documented service history. During this service a detailed inspection will be performed by an authorized and trained Harley-Davidson technician. A person with a trained eye who has made a personal and professional commitment to go to school and invest their own time and money to provide you with the highest level of service available. Required items will be adjusted, torqued, or lubricated along with any fluid changes needed. OEM factory parts will be used to keep your Harley up to factory standards. Your bike’s VIN will be run through the factory data bank only accessible by an Authorized Dealer to check for any recalls, service campaigns, or service bulletins that may be associated with it. The final product will be the best experience for your motorcycle. It will ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience while maintaining your obligations to keep your limited vehicle warrant in effect. Also, keep in mind that a documented service history at an authorized dealer will add resale value to your bike.


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